An artist prepares her defence from potential assault.

Drama Short Film | Dir. Roby Favretto

Written, Performed, Produced Caitlin Spears

(C) Caitlin Spears 2019

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Produced through PRICKLY SILENCE, Four distinctive duos chase their dreams in a time-warped anthology of passion and patience! English maidens, Aussie tradies, a teen-aged songstress and a desperate senior will all challenge destiny and the curious presence of a doll, a reptile and an android from the future... From the artists behind the award-winning dramedy CACTUS AND THE MIME comes the period drama / bogan comedy / pop musical / science fiction hybrid play you never thought was possible!

Best Performance Nominee (Melbourne Fringe Festival 2018)

Written/Produced/Performed Caitlin Spears & Roby Favretto

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Produced through PRICKLY SILENCE, Two children's entertainers re-enact their romance in a dramedy bursting with horny unicorns, phallic mascots, talent show grudges, virginal puppets, mystery gifts and use of the word ‘metamorphosis’. Watch in wonder and alarm as Trevor and Amanda fight a ticking clock, the doubting of dreams and the limits of a G rated world... May contain traces of Rainbow Connection.

Written/Performed/Produced by Roby Favretto & Caitlin Spears, Dramaturgy Christian Taylor.

Tour Ready Award Winner, Best Performance Nominee (Melbourne Fringe Festival 2017)

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