PUrgastory - Melbourne fringe 2018

Theatre People Review

Emma Conley


“The stellar comedy duo of Roby Favretto and Caitlin Spears have blown the Fringe world out of the water with their new show Purgastory.”

“millennia-traversing gem”

“bringing indefatigable energy to each role”

“intricate and highly entertaining theatre”

“their geniuses, and I’d gladly watch them read the phone book”

PURGASTORY - Melbourne Fringe 2018

My Melbourne Arts Review

Myron My

“committed performances and authentic portrayals”

“Spears is at her best as the sexist and homophobic spouting construction worker”

“highly entertaining stories with great doses of absurdist humour mixed with emotional realism”

“constantly surprising”

“a theatre company to keep your eye on”


Cactus and the Mime -Fringe World 2018

The Fourth Wall Review

Amanda Lancaster


“If I could give this show ten out of five stars, I would”

“supremely talented, cleverly understated”

“This show sends your blood boiling, your heart racing and your feelings haywire”

“an act deserving of as much attention as possible”

CACTUS AND THE MIME - Melbourne Fringe 2017

The Age Review

Anne-Marie Peard


“delightfully original and hilariously heartbreaking”

“well-developed script, gorgeous character-led costumes and design, and performances that take us beneath their prickly exteriors and the black and white of silence”

“Cactus and The Mime is super-smart, super-funny and full of unexpected feels.” 


Cactus and the mime - Melbourne fringe 2017

My Melbourne Arts Review

Myron My

“hilariously fast-paced”

“Beneath the jokes and smiles, hearts are broken and lives are irrevocably damaged in this original and captivating show by Favretto and Spears that dares to take risks and reaps all the awards because of it.”